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About Catalytic Management

Shelley Hall

Founded in 2001, Catalytic Management offers our clients a remarkable lens through which to see their organizational systems in a heightened, more magnified form; to see—as many of our clients tell us—“what we could never see before.”

Our consultants “have been there and done that.” Our experience as corporate executives, business owners and entrepreneurs enables us to bring a fresh new perspective, in addition to the management tools and the knowledge necessary to understand the myriad of issues confronting you today and tomorrow. We bring over 75 years of combined know how applied to a passionate, customer driven focus.

At Catalytic Management, we know that:

Our mission is to unleash powerful forces of change for our clients. That’s why we call our process and our company “catalytic”. Just like a chemical process when a new agent is introduced into the mix, the results are powerful and immediate. Our client’s peace of mind comes from the sustainable results we deliver – not instant off-the-shelf solutions! Working with Catalytic Management new ideas and solutions begin to emerge for our clients that produce critical transformational changes in the key areas of sales, customer service, change management and process improvement.

Our success is determined by our clients' success. Read how Catalytic Management has helped our clients grow.