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Losing Customers? Time to Examine Your Compensation Plan

As Published by "The CEO Magazine" - January 2014
Lost customers may be the result of misguided compensation plans that focus on the wrong drivers. Building compensation plans that drive the right behaviors is fundamental to retaining customers.

Five Actions to Sustain Customer Service Improvement Initiatives

As Published by "" - December 2013
Efforts to improve customer service are often short-lived. Companies make a big push, train their teams, and then 90 to 120 days later, see the outcomes start to diminish.

Does Your Sales Team Know How to Help Internet-Savvy Prospects?

As Published by "" - November 2013
Adding value to the sales process is becoming harder and harder. Your sales team must add knowledge for the prospect and use that knowledge to shine a light on their challenges.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper in Sales Calls

As Published by "Branch Manager's Newsletter" - November 2013
While being nice to the gatekeeper is a good start, it's not a good enough reason for them to risk their boss' wrath. Hall offers these tips.

Knowledge Drives Sales When Bank Managers Call on Businesses

As Published by "Branch Manager's Newsletter" - October 2013
Successful sales people learn about a prospect before a meeting. If "discovery" is done well, they continue learning about the prospect during the meeting. "Knowledge is not totally acquired before a meeting, but basic knowledge is necessary to direct the face-to-face conversation and learn more," says Hall.

Always Follow-Up after Sales Calls . . . and With Current Clients Too

As Published by "Branch Manager's Newsletter" - October 2013
Relationship building starts when you follow-up and share something of value with your prospect without pushing for them to do business with your institution. You have to give before you can get and building relationships takes time, so it takes more than just one follow-up touch.

Ask Open-Ended Questions When Making Sales Calls

As Published by "Branch Manager's Newsletter" - October 2013
The questions you ask should help you understand where the prospect has pain that you can remove. Before presenting your services, it's essential that you learn what the prospect likes and dislikes about his current banking partner and their services.

Use Multiple Sources to Research Sales Prospects

As Published by "Branch Manager's Newsletter" - October 2013
Finding valuable information about banking prospects is easy. Shelley F. Hall, Principal, Managing Director of Catalytic Management LLC (Boston, MA) offers several ideas . . .

Use Revenue Intelligence to Set Revenue Goals for Next Year

As Published by "Sales and Marketing Management" - September 2013
It's September, and I'm already talking about next year's sales goals. But we all know that very soon we will all be working on next year's budgets and thus next year's sales goals. Let's examine some best practices in developing revenue goals.

Ten Reasons Why Discovery Questioning is the Key to Closing Business

As Published by "Business Review USA" - July 2012
Every aspect of your particular selling process is important and weakness in one area will naturally reduce your closing percentage, but the most important step in the selling process is discovery questioning

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