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Are You Missing An Opportunity To Sell Your Value

As Published by "Image Source Magazine" - July 2012
Are sales and marketing the only department that should be selling your value? Don’t overlook the ability of your customer service reps to sell value.

Fostering Leadership to Drive Change

As Published by "Women Grow Business Blog" - January 2012
More effort should be given to preparing and equipping your Front Line managers with the tools and knowledge they need to execute effectively – their failure ensures the change effort will fail.

Outstanding Customer Service Doesn’t Happen by Accident

As Published by "1to1 Media, Expert Opinion Column" - June 2011
So, you want to deliver great service? Processes define customer service quality.

Four Steps for HR Professionals in Designing Sales Training

As Published by "Northeast Human Resources Association" - March 2011
Designing sales training requires more than asking standard questions about weaknesses in the sales team. Follow the four-step program outlined here to establish your credibility with sales management.

10 Things I Know About . . . Managing Change

As Published by "Worcester Business Journal" - March 2011
Read this top ten list to see how your organization can manage change to create successful outcomes.

Would You Diagnose Your Own Disease? Then Why Let Clients Diagnose Their Own Problems?

As Published by "Sales Marketing Management" - December 2010
Differentiating your company from the competition begins when your sales team probes beyond the superficial "discovery" questions.

Mom Likes Me Best! The Pitfalls of Client Favoritism

As Published by "Business Review USA" - November 2010
Learn about the dangers of client favoritism and strategies for building life time client relationships.

We’re All Bozos on This Bus

As Published by "Business Review USA" - November 2010
How to solve the "people problem" in your organization without a consultant.

Ask Your Best Clients for Referrals!

As Published by "Branch Manager's Letter" - September 2010
Shelley Hall was interviewed for this issue and presents several short articles on improving retail sales in branch banking: "Develop a Formal Referral Program," "Trust is Key to Earning Referrals," "Capture and Track Referrals," and "Hold Employees Accountable for Results."

Uncover Real Needs with Comparison Questioning

As Published by "Selling Power's Sales Management Newsletter" - January 2010
Asking the right questions can win loyal business for years to come.

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