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Use Revenue Intelligence to Set Revenue Goals for Next Year

As Published by "Sales and Marketing Management" - September 2013
It's September, and I'm already talking about next year's sales goals. But we all know that very soon we will all be working on next year's budgets and thus next year's sales goals. Let's examine some best practices in developing revenue goals.

Four Steps for HR Professionals in Designing Sales Training

As Published by "Northeast Human Resources Association" - March 2011
Designing sales training requires more than asking standard questions about weaknesses in the sales team. Follow the four-step program outlined here to establish your credibility with sales management.

10 Things I Know About . . . Managing Change

As Published by "Worcester Business Journal" - March 2011
Read this top ten list to see how your organization can manage change to create successful outcomes.

We’re All Bozos on This Bus

As Published by "Business Review USA" - November 2010
How to solve the "people problem" in your organization without a consultant.

Are You Ready for Change?

As Published by "Chief Learning Officer Executive Briefing" - November 2009
Knowing how well an organization will respond to change gives learning leaders an advance opportunity to understand the unique roadblocks and to plan a strategy to keep moving forward.

Staying calm is more important in recession

As Published by "Providence Business News" - September 2009
Top 6 mistakes sales reps make in a difficult selling environment, and how to avoid them.

Without a Trace: Take Care to Protect Your Company’s Knowledge

As Published by "Industry Week" - April 2009
Insuring that your company's intellectual property and knowledge doesn't "go missing" takes commitment and consistent focus.

Drive Results with Process Improvement

As Published by "Women's Business Journal" - September 2008
Reduce costs, improve margins, improve morale, and improve customer relationships by following the six Ps of process improvement.

If You Make a Promise, Keep It

As Published by "Sales and Service Excellence" - March 2008
Read about the seven steps that will help you keep your promises to your customers - so that you can keep your customers!

Turn to Your Customers to Solve Customer Churn

As Published by "Business Strategy Series" - January 2007
This article walks you through the steps you need to take to perk up flat sales and reduce customer churn.

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