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Are You Dependent on Just a Few Clients? If So, a 50/30 Alarm System Can Help

As Published by "The Independent Consultant" - January 2007
If 50 percent of your business comes from 30 percent or less of your clients, an alarm should go off! That alarm is telling you to expand your client base and think about how you market your services. Consider the process described in this article.

3 Management Practices For Greater Success in 2007

The latest research in organizational effectiveness demonstrates that companies that are strong in these three management practices find themselves at the top.

Keep Your Customers From Revolving Door

As Published by "IndUS Business Journal" - August 2006
Are you working too hard only to see your customers walking out the door? Read on!

Take Action, Resuscitate Flat-Line Sales

As Published by "Boston Women's Business" - May 2006
Follow these steps to see your sales grow.

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