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Articles: Customer Service

Are You Missing An Opportunity To Sell Your Value

As Published by "Image Source Magazine" - July 2012
Are sales and marketing the only department that should be selling your value? Don’t overlook the ability of your customer service reps to sell value.

Outstanding Customer Service Doesn’t Happen by Accident

As Published by "1to1 Media, Expert Opinion Column" - June 2011
So, you want to deliver great service? Processes define customer service quality.

Mom Likes Me Best! The Pitfalls of Client Favoritism

As Published by "Business Review USA" - November 2010
Learn about the dangers of client favoritism and strategies for building life time client relationships.

Curry Printing Gets Service Right!

As Published by "The Catalyst" - June 2008
Interview with Robert Gardner, Customer Service Manager

If You Make a Promise, Keep It

As Published by "Sales and Service Excellence" - March 2008
Read about the seven steps that will help you keep your promises to your customers - so that you can keep your customers!

Promises, Promises: When You or Your Clients Say One Thing But Do Another

As Published by "Executive Decision Magazine" - January 2008
"We're Job One!" "The Customer is our Business!" "The Customer Comes First!" These are all well known branding statements that were built around the belief that differentiated customer service drives profits. And they're right, IF and ONLY IF those promises are kept.

Keep Your Customers From Revolving Door

As Published by "IndUS Business Journal" - August 2006
Are you working too hard only to see your customers walking out the door? Read on!