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Ask Your Best Clients for Referrals!

As Published by "Branch Manager's Letter" - September 2010
Shelley Hall was interviewed for this issue and presents several short articles on improving retail sales in branch banking: "Develop a Formal Referral Program," "Trust is Key to Earning Referrals," "Capture and Track Referrals," and "Hold Employees Accountable for Results."

Uncover Real Needs with Comparison Questioning

As Published by "Selling Power's Sales Management Newsletter" - January 2010
Asking the right questions can win loyal business for years to come.

Staying calm is more important in recession

As Published by "Providence Business News" - September 2009
Top 6 mistakes sales reps make in a difficult selling environment, and how to avoid them.

Help Sales Avoid Panic Driven Mistakes

As Published by "Mass High Tech" - May 2009
Here are the top five mistakes sales can make in this high-pressure environment, and what you can do to fix them.

Gaining Agreements: Why Children Are Masters at Selling!

As Published by "CEO Refresher" - March 2009
Learn valuable sales techniques from the true masters - our kids!

Selling at the Teller Line

As Published by "Branch Manager's Newsletter" - November 2008
In this issue of Branch Manager's Letter, Shelley Hall presents several short articles on improving sales in retail banking: "Be Timely with Feedback," "Tellers Are More Likely to Embrace 'Consultative Selling'," "Use Sales Assessment Tools When Hiring Staff," "Employee Turnover Can Lead to Client Turnover," and "Selling is More Than Passing Out Brochures."

Promises, Promises: When You or Your Clients Say One Thing But Do Another

As Published by "Executive Decision Magazine" - January 2008
"We're Job One!" "The Customer is our Business!" "The Customer Comes First!" These are all well known branding statements that were built around the belief that differentiated customer service drives profits. And they're right, IF and ONLY IF those promises are kept.

Creating a Results Driven Sales Culture in Today’s Community Banks

As Published by "Bank New York" - November 2007
You need more than mere sales training to create, support and sustain an effective results-driven sales culture bank-wide. The article covers the most important factors for success.

Unrealistic Expectations Doom CRM Initiatives

As Published by "ManageSmarter" - July 2007
How to ensure that your CRM implementation solves the problems you want to address.

Sales Manager’s Cheat Sheet Is True Performer

As Published by "Boston Women's Business" - June 2007
Follow this five-step cheat sheet to develop an effective sales incentive compensation plan.

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