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Use Multiple Sources to Research Sales Prospects

Finding valuable information about banking prospects is easy. Shelley F. Hall, Principal, Managing Director of Catalytic Management LLC (Boston, MA) offers these ideas:

  • Local newspapers and magazines will give you valuable information about…
    • What businesses may be expanding or buying new space
    • What new contracts they may have won
    • What civic organizations prospects may support
    • TIP: Don’t forget to check for statewide publications that may focus on business or have a business section.
  • The Internet is an important source of information. Here are some examples:

    • Industry associations have publications and websites that can provide great market and competitor information.
    • Many larger Chambers of Commerce have databases that members may access that will give you number of employees and revenue.
    • LinkedIn can help you learn about a company’s management team. Also, use LinkedIn to determine if you have contacts in common who would give you a recommendation or referral.
  • Hoovers and/or Dunn & Bradstreet are excellent resources for serious business intelligence. Both are subscription-based services. “I would bet that your Commercial officers have a subscription and could provide shared access to you as a Branch Manager,” Hall says. “Hoovers, Dunn & Bradstreet and others like OneSource provide in-depth information including financial position, financial analysis, market data and other critical intelligence if your prospect is a larger, public company.”


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