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Brick Wall Breakthrough

What The @#$% do I do next?

Actions for Exceptional
Sales and Service


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Are you happy with your sales team?

Does your company deliver superior customer service?

Are you stuck? Out of ideas for moving the company forward?

Find answers and inspiration for immediate implementation in Brick Wall Breakthrough. You'll get practical, actionable ideas, suggestions, warnings, wisdom and wit focused on the growth drivers of Sales and Service in a just-in-time format. Finally, a business book you’ll enjoy reading!


What's Inside


Action Drivers

advice, tips and information on sales, customer service and talent management that will help you breakthrough barriers and move forward–presented in short, solutions targeted to drive action now!


Deeper Dives

resource lists of relevant books for when you have the time or need to dig deep into a subject


Fast Finder

a unique index organized around business problems making it easy to find solutions quickly


Answers to these provocative business questions and more

  • Should sales strategy define the style of my sales mangers or vice a versa?
  • What do Socrates and Snooki have in common and why should I care?
  • How should I create a scorecard for prioritizing leads?
  • Why do I let customers diagnose their own disease?
  • Is great customer service a brand, a promise or just luck?
  • Boxers or briefs, how well do I know my customers?
  • Why does my staff resemble characters from the Rocky Horror Picture Show?



About Shelley Hall

In addition to being the author of the forthcoming book Brick Wall Breakthrough, What The @#$% Do I Do Next and an in demand speaker, Shelley Hall is Principal/Managing Director of Catalytic Management, LLC, a leading management consulting firm that produces critical transformational changes in the key areas of sales, customer service, change management, and process improvement. As a highly-successful entrepreneur and corporate fugitive who built, reinvented, and turned around numerous companies, Hall is considered a leading expert in the field of "customer-focused management." Over her 30+ year career, Shelley has held senior level positions in sales and management with companies in technology, education, advertising, and internet sales. A thought leader and engaging speaker, she writes frequently for major business journals such as Business Performance Management Magazine, CEO Refresher, The Handbook of Business Strategy, Women's Business, ManageSmarter, Sales and Service Excellence and Chief Learning Officer. Shelley is a mediocre golfer,a determined gardener and according to her family, more than a little insane for leaving sunny Miami for Boston.

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Reviews of Brick Wall Breakthrough

All at once, a read that combines theory, tools, techniques, and tips all laced with relevant humor that keeps you turning the pages, laughing and left with a fantastic resource.

Sue Williamson, Executive Coach, Co-Founder of 3d Leadership

In today's fast-paced environment, Brick Wall Breakthrough offers every manager a refreshingly easy-to-use, "on demand" way to implement sound solutions quickly and effectively. Sales leaders and customer service managers will be energized and challenged to act! Brick Wall Breakthrough also comes with a bonus – a sense of humor.

Jodi Allen, Director Sales, Sulzer MixPac US

A must have book for sales leaders. Filled with valuable tools like the Impact Scorecard for categorizing leads and the Closing Opportunity Ladder, a tool that highlights the customer's decision process as it correlates to the sales process. A source of actionable ideas that will drive revenue and build loyal customers. If you manage salespeople or are responsible for sales strategy, Brick Wall Breakthrough should become your go to resource.

Ben Gay III, Author of The Closers

Straight to the point, no nonsense sales and customer service advice that is sound, actionable and laced with humor. Love the book's organization. The Fast Finder is a unique index making it easy to find the answers you need and take action quickly. The topical Action Drivers eliminate the need to read an entire book just to get the answer you need today! Solutions in sales and service at your finger tips.

Diane Darling, Author of The Networking Survival Guide

A must-have business handbook! Shelley Hall brings thought-provoking questions and solutions that uncover the real issues to 'Nail the Sale' in tough times, and drive quality service. If business is struggling, this is the right book for you!

William L. Maw, Chief Financial Officer, Angel Investor and Mentor

WOW! What an incredibly comprehensive, soup-to-nuts guidebook for any company! Regardless of industry, this provides a well thought out, integrated, all encompassing road map for success. It's compartmentalized enough that you can choose to utilize just parts of it, or all of it! It clearly illustrates the oft forgotten fact that the various departments of a successful company have to all be on the same boat, pulling the oars in the same direction, with the same destination in mind. It's going to become my bible!

Allison Field, Sr. Vice President, Commercial Regional Vice President, The Provident Bank

As a business leader who is constantly reminding my organization to keep the customer's needs in the forefront, I found the information on Service Fundamentals in Brick Wall Breakthrough refreshing and enlightening. The book set forth a strategy that will allow me to redefine our service standards as a company, keeping the staff engaged in the process from start to finish. Combined with the author's insights on how to better sell your value to the customer and the importance of keeping your promises, this book is a must have for any customer-focused, results-oriented leader looking for a fresh perspective on sales and service!

Colleen Pike, President, Lhasa OMS, Inc.

Brick Wall Breakthrough is chockfull of essential tips, tools and techniques on how to drive increased sales by WOW'ing your customers with exceptional service. Shelley Hall's expertise is packed into a concise, relevant, must-read guide for business leaders wishing to harness their passion for excellence through an innovative, customer-driven approach to sales. If you're going to read one book on the subject – this is THE ONE!

Nancy Mobley, President, Insight Performance and author PowerHouse, Creating the Exceptional Workplace

The mark of success in this age of engagement is the ability to assess the impact on customers of strategies, procedures, and policies and determine ways to leverage the positive and address or minimize the negative impacts. Brickwall Breakthrough is ideal for companies getting started on their journey towards becoming more customer-centric. It helps establish the framework for meshing business capabilities and processes with customer needs and behavior. It provides powerful tools to align customer buying processes with selling processes and gives numerous examples of ways to proactively engage customers in creating and selling value, creating realistic service expectations that meet customer needs, and delivering powerful and relevant service that brings customers back again and again.

Curtis Bingham, Executive Director at Chief Customer Officer Council

Too many business books require a huge time commitment to read just to get ideas to implement. And then the implementation can be very long. Brick Wall Breakthrough quickly offers solutions that are pragmatic and digestible. Even better, the activities are usually team focused to create movement and break through the status quo barriers. This is a book for leaders who want to act now.

Rob Lanza, Vice President, Software Quality Associates

Brick Wall Breakthrough hit close to home. Some of the approaches I have used for years. Others I have never thought of and others made me realize things I need to work on and get done. I am very linear; the book introduces the concepts with a narrative then follows with numbered and bulleted tasks, just the way I operate! Shelley's writing is friendly, humorous and interesting. She challenges you to take action!. This is a book I'll turn to again and again.

Joseph W. Mitchell, Jr. Senior Vice President, Bridgewater Savings Bank

Shelley Hall has "nailed it" with Brickwall Breakthrough. Executing her customer service advice will build customer loyalty and ultimately increase your company's profit. Her down to earth examples expand our understanding of the content and her wonderful humor makes it fun to read as well.

Judi Hess, President, Customer Perspectives

Brick Wall Breakthrough is a must read for organizations that want to achieve excellence in sales and service. The book provides practical advice that keeps the reader engaged and asking for more. It will make you question long held beliefs about sales and service that sound good in theory but don't work in reality. Shelley Hall shows you a proven process for increasing sales and delivering exceptional service. Not only does she give you the tools she gives you the steps to implement them. Then she shines the spotlight on talent. Exploring what it takes to recruit, coach, and develop the right sales candidates. As the reader you decide how much information you want on a particular subject. The Fast Finder makes it easy and quick to find practical tips with action steps to address specific sales and service situations. This book is a resource that you will go back to time after time. Brick Wall Breakthrough provides a roadmap for organizations that want to increase sales growth and deliver superior customer service.

Susan Foley, Managing Partner of Corporate Entrepreneurs LLC and
Author of "Entrepreneurs Inside and Acceleration: Changing the Speed of Growth"

Brick Wall Breakthrough contains excellent examples on how to improve your sales team. Lots of usable ideas for both leaders and employees who are looking to improve. I will use many ideas to improve my sales strategy. Shelley has done an excellent job collecting years of relevant information and presenting it in this well written book.

Chris Whipple, President, Advanced Corporate Teams