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Proactive Change Management & Process Improvement Drive Successful Systems Upgrade for Medical Device Company

Company Overview

The client is an $80+million dollar Medical Device company headquartered in the US with multiple international sales offices and offshore manufacturing. Their product is sold through a distribution channel and to OEM’s. They are growing rapidly as a result of the creation of a distribution channel which sells directly to hospitals, clinics and care facilities.

Business Challenge

Sales have grown dramatically over the last five years and current systems were not adequate to support either the OEM or direct sales efforts. Previous efforts to use a customer relationship management system were unsuccessful. The management team needed to install a more sophisticated sales system and insure:

  • the system would meet the needs of the entire company
  • sales and marketing would adopt and use the new system effectively
  • current processes were improved, enhanced, or eliminated before customizing the new system

The new system would have to address the additional challenges of linking sales and marketing efforts, forecasting for just in time production to reduce inventory costs, creating a standard and replicable sales process for the distribution channel, protect the privacy of data on OEM customers, and above all, meet the needs of the entire company and insure that low adoption rates in two previous system rollouts were dramatically increased. Previous system upgrades were met with strong resistance from sales, and resulted in little to no use by the marketing department.


Catalytic Management provided consulting that included:

  • a change management strategy and tools to insure full adoption of the new system
  • assessment of the needs of all affected departments
  • a User Requirements document for selecting and customizing the new system
  • process improvement recommendations to insure the new system was built on efficient processes

By assessing needs and formally soliciting input, Catalytic Management insured high adoption rates. Streamlined and improved process such as forecasting have reduced costs and improved inventory turns. For the first time, Marketing is able to create and track campaigns systematically and determine ROI. OEM data is protected, and partnering with the Distribution Channel has improved significantly.