Catalytic Management Consulting
Accelerating Growth, Driving Performance

Enhanced Services & Improved Processes Increase Customer Satisfaction for Retailer

Company Overview

Our client is a $60+ million dollar retailer of high end kitchen appliances and lighting. The company has a long history of success and has experienced significant growth over the last ten years and established a reputation for quality products and services.

Business Challenge

The company’s rapid growth was straining existing service and sales processes. An increasingly competitive and fluctuating marketplace made high levels of service a prerequisite for continued success. Increasing their market share required delivering superior service. As their customer base continued to grow and their customer demographics shifted, the company realized that service definitions and standards needed to be reviewed and where appropriate redefined. The progressive management team, which had already mapped their key business processes, believed that their processes were strained and in many instances not driving efficiencies that would allow them to deliver high levels of customer service.

Complicating the effort for improved service and process efficiency was a geographically dispersed staff that made team work and coordinated service efforts a challenge. Varying levels of education and business sophistication among the staff presented its own challenges. The absence of real leadership among the middle managers was a concern in driving and sustaining change.


Catalytic Management provided consulting and customized training in service quality and process improvement that has resulted in streamlined processes, improved levels of service, and a company wide commitment to being “customer driven” not just “customer focused.” The creation of a Service Leadership Team and the involvement of all staff levels in training and in improvement strategy development have insured that the commitment translates into action and insures continued service. Customers have experienced higher service levels and have found that purchasing from our client is easier and more transparent and confusion around policies and practices has been eliminated.

Through our work with the Service Leadership Team, our client saw real “leaders” emerge and work in a collaborative manner that had not been visible prior to our engagement.

Catalytic Management Solution

Strategies for improving service include not only changing the behaviors of a client’s staff but also include improving support systems and processes that will enhance their productivity and provide critical information.

Catalytic Management worked with our retail client to develop an effective and sustainable service quality program. The program included the following components:

  • Strategy for Service Quality development, implementation and permanence
  • Meaningful standards both universal and role specific
  • Improvement strategy for processes that touch the customer
  • Empowered employees and Service Leaders
  • Ongoing education and reinforcement for existing and new employees

Catalytic Management works within a “collaboration” model to deliver its services. One of our basic tenants is that we work with clients to build their internal expertise so that any programs developed can become self-sustaining. We worked with our client to create a Service Leadership Team that would manage, drive and sustain change. Catalytic Management collaborated with this team to drive results during and after the program implementation. In collaboration with the Service Leadership Team, we:

  • Established project goals and success determinants
  • Defined their customers (internal and external)
  • Identified the Moments of Truth / Critical Customer Interventions
  • Established Performance Criteria for the improvement opportunities
  • Reengineered customer critical processes
  • Defined target standards both universal and job specific
  • Examined written service communiqués to customers
  • Created a unique, branded "Service Promise"
  • Delivered customized service delivery and service recovery training for the entire company
  • Delivered process improvement training based on the principles of LEAN and Six Sigma for the Service Leadership Team

Catalytic Management facilitated a series of process improvement workshops with the Service Leadership Team where"customer critical” processes were examined and, where appropriate, were improvement and streamlined. Service standards were established and communication strategies developed to insure consistent messaging through out the company.

To insure that the education and improvement efforts were sustained, Catalytic Management developed and delivered a customized Guide to Coaching for Service Excellence that will serve as a training tool for department managers and for new hire on-boarding.