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Company Overview

The client is an HR consulting firm with over 10 years of success and a stellar reputation in its market. The company has steadily grown since its inception and the founder and President is a visionary who has steered the company to new markets and significant growth.

Business Challenge

The challenge was to build an outbound consultative sales team and to create a “client management model” that would preserve the quality of the client experience and preserve the close relationship between the client and the HR consultant. The company was also concerned about its lack of a formal sales process and its inexperience in managing a formal sales team. They were further concerned about the company’s ability to share vital client information and client needs among the sales and delivery staff as the company grew and sales increased. The company was built on the highest levels of client service and maintaining its high standards as it pursued aggressive growth was paramount.


The company is exceeding its very aggressive revenue growth plan. Client relationships are even stronger and their HR Client Executive team reports increased professional satisfaction as their role was expanded. Careful planning and relationship monitoring insured that service quality never declined during the transition. Clients have directly benefited from the improved communication among client teams due to the CRM system and project progress is now easily visible to the entire company.

The company’s belief in and understanding of the importance of assessments, process improvement principles and their overall dedication to superior quality formed the foundation for a truly successful initiative.
Catalytic Management Solution

Based on the challenges facing the client, Catalytic Management established that our solution and work with the client would deliver the following elements:

  • Define a “sales” model that would include roles, responsibilities, and quality standards
  • Create operational processes from lead generation to client service delivery that would accommodate growth and the new client sales and management model
  • Create sales processes that would track vital client information including contact information, project progress, project stakeholders, client long term needs and track project based revenue versus retainer revenue
  • Create a customer service model that would include problem alerts communicated to the entire client team, track problem resolution and resolution quality
  • Define a delivery and communication model that would be transparent to the company’s clients and accommodate their virtual employees
  • Define a flexible sales compensation plan that would produce revenue results and at the same time preserve and reward high standards of service delivery and client interaction
  • Improve the overall “consultative selling” and “account management” skills of their HR specialists

The project began with an assessment of the entire staff to discover company and individual strengths and weaknesses. Using this feedback on existing operational systems, Catalytic Management worked with the company’s President and new COO, to process map existing processes. We identified “critical to customer” break points, value- add and non-value add process steps, and identified where roles and responsibilities required additional clarity or definition. The strengths assessment and the process mapping data formed the basis for the development of the new sales model and assisted in the development of an improved account management system that would preserve and strengthen relationships. Sales and service delivery were separated with the outbound sales team responsible for lead generation, proposals, closing the sale and transitioning to the HR specialist. The HR specialist role was re-defined as an HR Client Executive with total responsibility for service delivery and responsibility for cross selling and up-selling within the account. New compensation plans were developed that created incentives for sales and delivery roles to focus equally on revenue generation and quality.

As the company implemented the new sales model, it was agreed that tracking customer data and project progress would be vital if the company was to maintain and capitalize on its reputation for excellence. Customizing and implementing CRM software (customer relationship management) was required to meet the data and communication requirements. Catalytic Management worked with the client to establish selection criteria, secured product demonstrations from three leading CRM vendors and acted as facilitator in evaluation sessions and contributed to the decision making process. A CRM system was chosen and implemented.

As the new models and CRM system were implemented, the account management skills of the HR Client Executives were assessed and it was agreed that skills enhancement was desirable. Catalytic Management then customized training for the HR consulting team on Strategic Account Management that addressed both account management and consultative selling skills.