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Business Process Improvement Consulting

Afraid of process improvement because you’ve heard you need Six Sigma Black Belts? Worried about how you do business while changing the business processes? Does LEAN mean less fat rather than less waste? You’re not alone. Every organization knows there are processes that are broken, outdated, redundant or just no longer needed but very few organizations have the resources or understanding to undertake what they know they need – process improvement!

Catalytic Management can take the fear and pain out of process improvement. Our consulting is practical, doable and results driven. Our methods are based on Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma but are focused on using the tools that are appropriate for your business and your time line Catalytic Management:

  • Identifies and determines tangible opportunities to achieve operational excellence
  • Delivers solutions that will optimize your processes and people so you can reach your desired business goals
  • Works collaboratively with you to understand your key business challenges
  • Evaluates the potential options for action
  • Creates a detailed plan of improvement
  • Supports you through execution

We simplify and demystify process improvement methodologies!

Our Business Process Improvement Consulting is based on seven critical elements:

  • Strategic Assessment identifies your goals and objectives; defines current business processes, and highlights your needs and areas to improve
  • Analysis reviews and evaluates the effectiveness of your current business processes and operational performance issues
  • Improvement Solutions design new more efficient business processes and strategies and present implementation recommendations
  • Technology Support defines required technology upgrades or changes necessary to implement the new processes and approaches
  • Change Management Support provides guidance on managing the impact of change and easing the transition to new processes
  • Operational Performance Support designs and delivers education to support employees impacted by the change
  • Sustainable Improvement provides recommendations for ensuring new processes are followed and for continuous improvement
Be Not Afraid! Process improvement is not and should not be painful, expensive or time consuming. Our solutions will help you address and solve the real needs of your customers and advance the goals of the company. Contact us to learn more about how Catalytic Management can help accelerate your company's growth.