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Change Management Consulting

The intensifying competition for resources and demand for high performance are pressuring companies to become more flexible, more results-focused, and forcing them to respond faster. Change is becoming a steady state. Catalytic Management is about change. We chose the name “catalytic’ because just like a chemical process, when a new agent is introduced into the mix, the change is powerful! As your change partner, we can help you manage the impact of change by easing the transition and by helping you answer these questions:

  • How ready are you for change?
  • Have you conducted a change risk assessment?
  • Do you have the leadership resources to drive change?
  • What barriers must you overcome to be successful at change?
  • How will you measure and evaluate the consequences of change?

Managing change effectively is the single most important element in organizational success. Research points to a failure rate of over 50 percent. Without a map to guide them, many organizations fail at change and too often, leaders have not given change management the attention it requires.

Preparing for Change, Change Management Plan, Surviving the Transition

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