Catalytic Management Consulting
Accelerating Growth, Driving Performance

Our Approach

Collaborative Consulting

Many of our clients say we help them see things they couldn’t see before, to shine a new light on the critical elements of their organizational structure. We bring new ideas, new ways of looking at your challenges and new energy to finding the right solutions for you. Our work is highly customized. No cookie cutter, prescripted programs – no off the shelf answers. The answers to your questions will come from a collaborative effort between your best minds and our best minds. The pace is dizzying; the rate of change constant in a business environment that never stops. You needed answers yesterday; and you need long-term solutions that keep on working long after the consultants have left the building.

Internal Discovery, External Discovery, Solution Development, Change Management, Sustaining Results

You Define Our Role

In addition to being talented, creative and driven, our consultants are “shape shifters”! The shape we assume is up to you and is defined by your need. When you need someone to assess the current environment, systems, processes and culture and then frame strategic plans to move the company toward performance excellence, we will act as Strategist. When you ask us to design detailed, systemic implementation plans, we become your Architect for change. If what you need is help in implementing and executing the plan with your staff, we assume the role of Engineer. When your solution requires training and education, we become Educators, preparing your team to execute the new skills required to drive results. Throughout our relationship, Catalytic Management acts as your Coach providing support, information and energy as, together, we craft unique solutions to your unique challenges.

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