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Sales Performance Consulting

Are you experiencing any of the early warning signs listed on the right? Do you have a gut feeling that things are just not what they should be? Maybe your sales are increasing but you know that you can and should be outperforming your current numbers?

Catalytic Management delivers Sales Performance Consulting and Sales Training that increase your sales velocity!

We make no assumptions about your challenges. No off the shelf canned, programs. We begin by assessing your situation and from the findings, we develop a solution customized and designed to your goals and needs. True consultative selling is focused on the unique value you bring to your customers and the solutions to your sales challenges must be customized to support that unique value and your unique sales environment. Read more about our selling philosophy.

Assess, Customer Voice, Customized Solutions, Implementation, Sustain Results

When appropriate, we’ll work with you to examine your sales organization from top to bottom or side to side—your problem defines the depth. We will work with you to create tailored solutions that might include new or improved sales processes, procedures or policies; programs for behavior changes that will enhance and improve selling skills, eliminate negativity, renew energy and enthusiasm and that will focus your team on creating “value” with your customer not just for the customer.


We call our consulting process and our company “catalytic”! Just like a chemical process, when a new agent is introduced into the mix, the results are powerful and fast: Velocity driven results! Our clients have discovered that together we can take the actions necessary to deliver powerful results, no matter what the sales performance challenges:

  • accelerate your sales cycle by improving your process
  • experience reliable forecasting by building your CRM around your customer buying process
  • drive performance through profit focused and motivational compensation plans
  • create “customers for life” through superior customer service, systems and behaviors
  • improve product delivery by bridging communication gaps between sales, marketing and operations
  • increase sales through custom sales training and coaching systems
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