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March 2013
Are You Semantically Satiated
with SEO?
Guest Author: Vicki Mills

I am pleased to introduce Vicki Mills of Concord Web Solutions.
Vicki is a true genius at search engine optimization (SEO), the serious kind that drives revenue.
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Everybody googles. So much so that “google” has become a verb. We find things we expected, and things we didn’t, but we are all searching.
I recently asked a colleague to review an article I was writing on landing page optimization. The first step of the process is to determine the keyword phrases to use on the landing pages, but the feedback I got was, “Maybe you should leave out that first part. Everybody knows about keyword research, so I’m afraid they’ll see the term and just quit reading because it’s nothing new.”
Saying that small business owners understand keyword research is kind of like saying Americans know how to lose weight. If we know all this stuff, why aren’t we doing it?
Despondent, I googled “when words lose their meaning.” Here was something new! According to Wikipedia “Semantic satiation" is a psychological phenomenon in which repetition causes a word or phrase to temporarily lose meaning for the listener, who then processes the speech as repeated meaningless sounds.”
In other words: “blah blah blah.”
Many SEO terms have been repeated endlessly and earnestly, and have been misused by so many practitioners, that the meaning they once held has been sucked dry. People don’t hear “keyword research.” They hear “blah, blah, blah.”
As if to drive home the point, the very next day I received an unsolicited email from a company pleading with me to outsource SEO to them. Here is one of the more hilarious paragraphs:
"Working as an On page and Off-page Expert alone is a task of elephant with thousand tons on the back but we handle it like a piece of cotton in my palms. we handle our own team here and provide positive vibes so that they can work efficiently as desired to hit the target like bulls eye. We always determined to look forward to scale new heights and revive my strategies to swing with full throttle towards the doors of Success. We believe in myself and my abilities to decipher nebulous visions of ersatz future."
Would you let this firm handle your keyword research? I hope not. This example might be extreme, but so many companies claim expertise with SEO when they are clearly brainless or hucksters or both.
What does the real-deal kind of keyword research entail?
  • deep understanding of the business and its goals, branding, and marketing
  • thorough study of the business’ website and content
  • online research into the business’ competition and online niche
  • analysis of search engine results for variations of potential keyword phrases
  • creative exploration of “long tail” keywords for better conversions
  • evaluation of keyword phrases based on potential value and level of difficulty in achieving high rankings
In short, good keyword research requires human intelligence, sensitivity to English language usage, and creativity. And that’s just to get the SEO process started.
Insightful keyword research and well executed SEO remain the most effective and affordable routes to better business results online. Because we are all searching.
Are you semantically satiated with SEO? Do you have questions about your own company’s SEO efforts, and want some honest answers? I am offering readers of the Catalyst newsletter a free 20-minute SEO phone consultation. You can ask anything you like. No obligations, no spammy follow-ups.
Don’t get satiated. Get hungry. That’s what drives results . . . full throttle towards the doors of Success!
For serious SEO support and for websites that drive real business, contact
Vicki Mills at Concord Web Solutions
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