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Closing Arguments!  A Contest!
If you've ever had to sell something, and we all have, you dread hearing those arguments about why your prospect, parent, significant other or boss, is not buying what you're selling. In almost 30 years of selling everything from hotel suites to advertising to computers to training and finally consulting, I've heard just about every closing argument imaginable and even some you can't imagine!

To kick off our new service, The Closing Performance Audit©, we're running a contest and we want you to be a contestant!  It's easy, here's all you have to do:

Contest Rules
And in our next newsletter we'll share our thoughts on how to answer some of your closing argument entries - the best ones of course!
Your Prize

The winning entry will be selected by a panel of expert judges, who for security reasons have chosen to remain anonymous.

The winner will receive:
  • Wall Art destined to create buzz in the office!
  • A unique piece of clothing with a humorous side!
Next Month:  We'll Announce the Winner, Answer your Closing Arguments and share 5 Tips on How to Prevent those pesky Closing Arguments

                 Hint:  Closing begins well, at the beginning!!

If you just can't wait to start increasing your sales closing percentage, call Catalytic Management today and we'll tell you how to prevent those bothersome closing arguments.                                                        978-562-5001

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