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February 2013
What Did You Just Say?
If you live in the real world and with exceptions like Donald Trump, most of us do live and work in the real world and at one time or another you’ve probably overheard a colleague being rude to a co-worker. Those snide remarks can often go from incivility to bullying pretty quickly. And because most of us want to and/or need to keep our jobs, we may often fail to speak up. But failure to respond to such abuse allows those creeps to make life miserable for you, your colleagues and for your customers.
In the January-February issue of Harvard Business Review, authors Christine Porath and Christine Pearson discuss the consequences of workplace incivility and bullying in an article titled “The Price of Incivility”. To encourage you to speak out against such boorish behavior and to encourage managers to penalize such behavior, I would like to excerpt some statistics from the HBR article:
Among employees who are the recipients of such incivility or worse:
  • 48% intentionally decreased their work effort
  • 38% intentionally decreased the quality of their work
  • 78% said their commitment to the organization declined
  • 25% admitted taking their frustration out on customers!!!!!
Its hard for me both as a consultant and as a person to tolerate such behavior but it never ceases to amaze me when management says things like: “Yeah, well he is an egotistical, loud mouth but hey, she produces”. What did you just say? No printable words can describe the message management sends with such comments. The statistics above should scare you – scare you enough to act to prevent and neutralize such bullies in your company.

So, if you’d like to learn more about how to protect your company’s top and bottom line and how to prevent such offensive behavior, please read the entire HBR article. You’ll find suggestions on how to stifle such behavior and on how to model the right behavior.
Now that you know your customers and your revenue are adversely affected by "professional bullies", give us a call. Catalytic Management's consulting and training can neutralize the offenders!
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