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Help Sales Avoid Panic Driven Mistakes

Lagging energy among the sales team.  Failing to close deals.  Bitching about prospects or clients.  Whining about the economy. These are all signs of a sales team that is in crisis mode - they're panicking!   Before you slap them silly and tell them to "suck it up and sell",  think about the mistakes they may be making out of panic and work with them get back on track.  Selling in today's market is not for sissys - help your sales people develop the thick skin, guts and courage to sell in any environment.

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Mistake #1:   “Nobody is buying”

If you haven’t heard this, you’re either very lucky or deaf.  This kind of verbal negativity can be so debilitating that it causes sales people to shut down, to just go through the motions.  In the face of reduced budgets they fail to demonstrate that your medical device or enterprise software will increase efficiencies or increase the number of medical tests performed each day.  In other words, they forget to sell the ROI that can create a budget where none existed. 

Mistake #2:  Failing to qualify leads

Sales people fall into the trap of believing that any lead is a good lead.  They are so desperate for a “live one” that they will waste time and energy following bad leads. 

Mistake #3:  Shortening the discovery phase, moving too quickly to the product presentation

Panicked sales people will try to get to the product presentation quickly so they can ask for the close quickly.  They miss the customer’s real needs and they miss the cues that will tell them how to customize their pitch to a specific customer need.

Mistake #4:  Failing to adjust to the new reality, failing to change!

Repeating what you’ve always done before may not work now. 

Certain aspects of selling never change.  But how you do it does change and a recession should push us to examine every aspect of our sales process, our product and our marketing. 

Mistake #5:  Failing to respond appropriately to a slower customer decision making process

Decisions are taking longer.  We need to adjust to that new reality and build strategies for it.  Calling or emailing the prospect constantly will not force a decision.

Mistake #6:  Failing to ask for help

In our culture, asking for help can viewed as a sign of weakness.  But you can't help them if they don't ask.


This list is by no means all the mistakes that panic can create.  It is management's responsibility to prevent these and other mistakes and to keep a watchful eye for signs that they may be occuring.


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