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How Not to Write a Book
First of all, don’t believe the so called experts who tell you that all you need to do is get up early, write for an hour or two, go off to work and miraculously in 6 – 8 months you’ll have a book. Yeah right!
Life happens and messes up your plans and your schedule. I just finished writing my book with an expected publication date of August. As Steven Colbert says “here’s some truthiness” about writing a book:
  • Divide your planned writing schedule in half and multiple by 4 – that’s how long it will really take (or for you math wizards, just multiple by 2)
  • Apologize in advance to your family, friends and clients for being late, for being distracted and especially apologize to family for being the” B” word more than usual
  • Accept that you will feel inadequate, unworthy and at times just plain stupid as you formulate the ideas, tips and techniques you want to share
  • Acknowledge that you will need multiple proof readers and editors to ensure your book is free of phrases like: “I reckon she done gone missing”
I have always been skeptical of the writers who say they just set aside time every day to write or who say the “words just flowed from my pea brain”. Maybe writing is their only job or maybe they’re writing an autobiography about prison life while still in prison. The reality is that if you’ve ever thought about writing a book – do it – but don’t beat yourself up and certainly don’t hold up the writers who lie about how easy it is as role models. Writing and getting a book ready for publication is a tough task that will not always go smoothly.
Making your writing dream come true will take time and effort but the process may not be a focused as you are led to believe. Stopping and starting is ok, maybe even necessary to give yourself time to reflect upon and collect your ideas. Build a great team around you of proof reader, editor, cover designer, illustrator and publishing mentor. If you start the project knowing the reality, the process can be rewarding despite the need for tranquilizers, liqour and lots and lots of chocolate!
I'm proud of the book and I'm hoping millions of people will read it - well at least more than my husband and family! I'm really gratified that the reviews of the advanced copy of the book have been great.
I've made a big decision to give away the digital version of the book through my newsletter!!
So start tweeting, paint graffiti everywhere, swarm the mall parking lots with car flyers and above all please SHARE THE LINK above with ANYONE and EVERYONE so they can sign up for my newsletter and learn how to get the FREE digital version of the book. I want to reach that million mark!
Thanks for your support!

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