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November 2013
If It Lasts More Than 4 Hours........
How long do the results of your customer service improvement initiatives last? Our clients ask us everyday how they can sustain the results of their service improvement efforts. Our answer is always: “training alone won’t get you superior service delivery”.
To insure your employees are consistently delivering great service today and well into the future, you need a sustainability strategy.
There are many ways to sustain results including continued training, development of service standards, service performance evaluations and rewards for great service behavior and of course great management. But psychology tells us that when achievement earns the person public respect or advances their career, the achievement itself is a powerful motivator. So how can achieving superior service gain your employees respect? What sustainability strategy can you implement that will encourage all of your employees to work harder for your customers? Consider developing a Service Certification program.
Customer Service Certification
Certification programs exist in many industries with IT being a perfect example of a field where certification drives performance and respect. Creating a multi-tiered customer service certification program can drive continued improvement and consistent service delivery. Level I certification can be as simple as an on-line quiz focused on the employee proving their understanding of your service standards and of the concepts introduced in training. Level II certification could focus on case studies and require the employee to use their judgment and decision making skill in solving customer problems. Level III could be achieved by receiving high marks on customer surveys or in mystery shopping reports.
To further enhance the value of certification, future promotions or compensation increases can be tied to achieving specific service certification levels. Company wide acknowledgement of certification will also enhance and encourage employees to work toward certification. Letters sent home to significant others announcing the achievement also raise the value.
Sustainability requires out of the box creativity. Involve your employees in suggesting ways to sustain superior customer service and reward them when deliver the behavior you customers value.
And remember, training is just the beginning not the end of your work toward achieving superior customer service.
Need help desiging your sustainabiity strategy? Call Catalytic Management - we'll work with you to create a program that will insure superior customer service now and into the next century!
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