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In Selling, Who You Know Won't Get You the Appointment!

Surprised? Don't believe it? Think its a lie? For years we've all been networking like crazy, mastering LinkedIn and attempting to work Twitter to our advantage - just so we can get to know as many people as possible. Why? Because we believed that having a connection to a prospect would earn us an appointment. Wrong, according to the Forum Group.

According to research conducted with high level buyers, the two most important reasons a high level buyer will grant a meeting is because:

  • You know something about their company
  • You know something about their industry

So researching the prospect's company and industry is more important than knowing the high level buyer's cousin.

According to Alyson Brandt, General Manager Americas at the Forum Group, there's another fallacy we need to know - consultative selling will not win the deal with a high level buyer. In today's "faster than a speeding bullet" business environment, high level buyers don't have time for loads of discovery questions. So, how do you impress the C level buyer? You introduce new ideas, new strategies or new approaches for the prospect's business. You practive thought leading selling by turning your knowledge of their company and industry into ideas and advice that are fresh, unique and results driven.

Want to learn if there are other selling truths that are well, no longer true? Listen to a 10 minute podcast interview with Alyson at Selling Power. Here's the link to 10 minutes well spent:

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