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Letting Go of the Fear of Process Improvement

There's hardly a business in existence that doesn't see the value in improving their processes. Process improvement is the answer to reduced costs, improved efficiencies and higher margins from your customers.


Your policies, procedures and systems are the engines that drive your products and services to your customers. These processes either make it easier or harder for your employees to serve your customers and make it easier or harder for your customers to buy from you.


So why is every business owner and manager scared of initiating process improvement? Because they believe the high priced consultants who make a living making process improvement difficult.


Well, let go of the fear, start improving the way you do business and reap the bottom line benefits!


Just Do It!


Nike coined the phrase but it applies here. It doesn't take Six Sigma Black Belts or over priced process engineers to make fast and lasting changes that will improve your bottom line. The easiest way to start is to:

  • Have each department list cross departmental process that they believe are broken
  • Have each department list broken processes in their own department
  • Get your three top customers by revenue and your top three most demanding customers in a room and ask them what processes make their relationship with you more difficult
  • Ask the customer group to review the internally generated broken process list and ask them which process they care about
  • And then fix the processes that matter most to your customers! 

That's it! No statistics, no big budgets, no lengthy time frames. Just common sense, employee participation and the most important component – the voice of your customer!


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