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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Old Wives Tales Not True!


Lightening never strikes twice, my foot!  We’ve been hit twice this year, well actually, three times if you count the real lightening strike on our house that blew apart a 60 foot pine tree, sent debris through the master bedroom window, and blew the new sprinkler box to smithereens!


You may remember that on January 1st of this year, I awoke to find we had no water.  Lots of dollars, many days, a water tank, well pump and new water line later, we once again could bath, cook and do all those things a civilized, clean society does.    That should have been the end of our bad luck with water – lightening never strikes twice, right?


Not true.  As I sit in our small cottage in Maine on my annual executive retreat, I am surrounded by water – ground water. Ground water that has overwhelmed our 35 year old septic system and rendered it useless.  I come to Maine alone to work on the business.  Assess the previous year.  Plan for the next year.  Write articles, new tools and outline future newsletters.  Alas, I am now editing plans for a new septic system.  A septic system we should have installed years ago.


Here is comes, the moral of this story – “never put off to tomorrow what you know you should do today”.  As valuable a lesson in business as it is in life.  What have you put off because you thought the business shouldn’t spend the money?  What have you put off because taking the action would be uncomfortable?   Experience says I should tell you right now – just do it! 


Fire that under performing sales person you gripe about but have never had the time or courage to fire!  Replace your server that slows down the entire office and spews smoke when you try to access your database!  Add that customized module to your CRM and accounting system that will allow for faster more accurate billing.  Two systems may get the bills out but your bookkeeper is ready to quit!  Waiting is not the solution.  It only makes a bad situation worse – I KNOW!!  Inaction can cost your business money in the form of time, employee turnover, unhappy customers and drive you to an early grave.

I’m not suggesting you forego a careful examination of the situation or problem and just leap.  But when procrastination turns into months or years, you’ve got to ask yourself what the hell am I waiting for!  Believe me waiting for the problem to turn into a crisis is not the answer!  Unless of course you are Dyer Excavation of Harrison, Maine and then, they’ll tell you to take your time – you can call them now or you can call them later! But you will call them!


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Laughter is the Answer- Enjoy !


A curious fellow died one day and found himself waiting in the long line of judgment. 

As he stood there he noticed that some souls were allowed to march right through the pearly gates into Heaven. Others though, were led over to Satan who threw them into the burning pit.  But every so often, instead of hurling a poor soul into the fire, Satan would toss a soul off to one side into a small pile.

After watching Satan do this several times, the fellow's curiosity got the best of him.

So he strolled over and asked Satan what he was doing.
"Excuse me, Mr. Prince of Darkness," he said. "I'm waiting in line for judgment, but I couldn't help wondering, why are you tossing those people aside instead of flinging them into the Fires of Hell with the others?"

"Ah, those," Satan said with a groan. "They're all from New England...

They're still too wet to burn."

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