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Need Gene Therapy?

Is it time to give your company Gene Therapy? Your brand is a result of the DNA of your company.  But is that DNA sending the right message?   In a bad economy, buyers demand value before they’ll make a purchase.  Selling is all about matching your value to the right buyer.  Is your company delivering real value to your customers and most importantly, do your customers and prospects see that value? Your brand must reflect your value, sell your value and be a differentiator. Your brand is more than just your logo, a phrase, or grouping of words. It is embodied in the design of all of your communications tools. The look and feel of your brand should instantly convey your value. Selling becomes easier when prospects quickly see who you are and most importantly when they can readily see why purchasing your product or service benefits them.


I recently had coffee with Rochelle Seltzer, President of the design and branding firm Seltzer Design. We talked about how a well-designed brand contributes to revenue. Rochelle’s advice is timely and I wanted to share with you some of her insights and answers to my questions about how a brand contributes to closing more business.


Rochelle, What does really effective design do for a company or small business?

A great visual identity and powerful marketing pieces accurately communicate your value. All of your tools -- from your business card to your print materials, your web presence to your direct mail and advertising vehicles -- should present your business with the right level of sophistication and tone, as well as clear and compelling positioning. To resonate with your prospects and to get them to take action and buy, your message must be compelling and clear.  One of the best investments a company can make is in effectively and quickly communicating their value and message.



How does a company really know if their brand and its design is really working for them?

Interacting with and listening to your targets during casual conversation, through website inquiries, or through responses from your marketing initiatives is a great way to get a feel for whether or not your brand and its supporting design materials are working. If what you’re hearing indicates that people understand what you offer, understand why it’s of value and are motivated to act,  then you know that your brand is on the right track.


On the other hand, if you find that people are frequently getting an impression that misses the mark and/or they don’t understand what you offer and why it’s meaningful, its time to streamline and revamp your sales efforts and marketing activities with the help of a design firm that focuses on crafting solid positioning as well as developing design solutions matched to meet your business objectives.



What advice would you give a company during these difficult times?

In challenging economic times people are making ever more careful decisions about every purchase. They want to be sure they are doing business with the best service or product provider. Research tells us that people are initially attracted to buy based on emotional connections, then the purchaser validates that initial emotional decision with the facts. The effort it takes to close a sale will be reduced and generating new revenue will be easier if your materials resonate with your target market – if they make a quick emotional connection.  If your prospects and current customers connect with what you have to offer and if they see the value and quality of your offering, and if the facts then support that positive connection, they will readily see the match between your capabilities and their needs. An investment in excellent design provides the basis for that dynamic and will reap strong returns.


Many thanks to Rochelle and Seltzer Design for discussing the importance of a clear brand to driving revenue.  For more information on Seltzer Design and to register for their free Breakfast Seminar Series, visit their web site at:





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