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Positive Surprises Build Customer Loyalty

From our first surprise birthday party to the surprise wedding proposal, we learn that surprises are fun! Surprises are special because they are unexpected! Delighting our customers and delivering differentiated service takes more than great people and more than consistently meeting service standards and processes. It takes the unexpected.

Giving your customers "positive surprises" creates buzz about your business and creates a bond with your customer. Positive surprises build customer loyalty. When the answer to why you did something special is a simple "just because" it has power!

So what can you do to give a customer a positive surprise? Here are a few examples:

  • A furniture company delivers a new bedroom set and in one of the drawers is a thank you note and a lavender sachet to scent the drawer
  • An appliance store delivers and installs new kitchen appliances and inside the refrigerator is a thank you note with a coupon for groceries
  • On the anniversary date of the account opening, a bank sends a thank you note and a silver half dollar from the President expressing gratitude for their relationship with the bank
  • A health insurance company or broker sends a discount coupon for a massage offering their customer a stress free hour!

Be creative, have fun! But be unexpected. Sending cards or gifts on holidays or renewal anniversaries are not unexpected and are obviously self serving. Create your own holiday, partner with another company like the grocery store or the massage therapist - everyone benefits. Build customer loyalty by doing something "just because"!


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