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The Annual Dilemma:
What Do You Do With Fruit Cake?

Today's newsletter brings a little cheer along with practical answers to the above age old question.  AND a contest for readers, so read on.....


Catalytic Management's

Top Ten Things

to Do with Fruit Cake


10.  Place outside as rodent repellent.

9.   Attach a chain and use as next season's boat anchor

8.  Attach a bow and give away as "last" prize in your sales contest

7.  Use it to replace the broken brick in your sidewalk

6.   Makes an excellent door stop for doors up to 103 lbs and 8ft in height

5.  Hide your sharp objects inside to elude airport X-ray

4.  Drill a hole in it and use as Christmas Tree stand

3.  Douse with more bourbon and use as a fire starter

2.  Package with that plastic relief of the Lord's Support your Aunt Mildred gave you and regift it for Christmas to Cousin Milt


And the NUMBER ONE way to use Fruit Cake is __________


You decide! Reply to this newsletter by Friday, December 12 with your suggestion on how to use fruit cake and win a prize.


What is the prize?  Well you guessed it, a FRUITCAKE!  Not just any fruit cake, a liquor loaded, highly edible fruit cake made by me. And trust me, I can bake!


So reply now!  You could be the lucky recipient of the only known edible fruit cake east of Worcester!

Web Site Updated!

We've been growing and doing some interesting work that we felt our web site should reflect.  And once we started to make the edits, we decided to make more!!!  So check out our updated site for a new look, feel and content!

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