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The Little Black Dress, Back to Basics

Kudos to the daring men who read past the title!  No this is not about fashion, well, maybe it is.  Customer Service fashion!  What's IN in customer service - social media -using social CRM to communicate with and track your customers.  Investors Business Daily ran an article recently citing Best Buy, Dell and Comcast among the leaders in effectively integrating social media and traditional call centers to "talk" to and "listen" to customers.
Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook are effective and are today's "sexy" fashion.  But for many, the need for constant updating and tracking of these tools can be daunting and thus, we never use the them.  Maybe its time to retrieve that little black dress or suit from the back of the closet.  Remember, they're there because they are timeless - great for cocktail parties or funerals.  That black suit goes anywhere and so do the tried and true tools we used before Social Media!  If you've thrown up your hands and given up on communicating with your customers because navigating the technology is too challenging, think again. You can't ignore your customers.  Dig into the closet and pull out that customer communciation "little black dress".
Talking to your customers is always in style.  There are still easy and highly personal ways to talk to your customers. Don't ignore the more traditional yet highly valuable tools you used a few years ago. If the high tech methods aren't the right service tools for you, then get back to basics. When was the last time you:
  • conducted a customer survey  - phone, mail or online
  • conducted a targeted focus group
  • hired a third party to interview your customers and your non-customers
  • just asked the customer in front of you how you can better serve them
Your customers WANT you to ask them how to build a better relationship. So ask them:
  •  if you're a retail store, try asking the customer in front of you to take a short 4 question survey in exchange for a 10% discount coupon good on their next purchase.
  • direct your customer to your website to take an on-line survey where they can download a discount coupon upon completion.
  • if you're a B2B business, create that Customer Advisory Board you always said you wanted to have.
  • include a short survey with your first invoice and then again in the middle of the engagement
Ask your customers about your brand identity; your service; your product knowledge; the results you delivered and ask them if they'd buy from you again and why or why not.
High tech communication tools are great if we use them.  But don't let their complexities keep you from "going back to basics" to stay in touch with your customers.  That little black dress is always fashionable and so is talking to your customers directly!
Need help developing or executing a customer communication strategy, call Catalytic Management!  Our customer assessment tools and customer service training and consulting will reconnect you with your customers and increase your revenue at the same time!
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