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We're All Bozos On This Bus!

The above title is taken from the FireSign Theater comedy album of the same name.  It's just another way of saying that success is achieved when you have the "right people on the bus." Why does this fundamental business truth allude so many managers - of all levels? 
9 out of 10 of our client engagements involve one or more problems whose root case can often be traced to a "people problem." The client's original request for help however, comes as a request to help them improve revenue generation, fix a broken process that no one follows, train their staff in superior service or "change our culture." 
To achieve such goals, clients are willing to jettison products, markets and business units or conversely, to acquire new products or new companies.  But when the solution is to jettison non-performing staff and acquire the right staff, they break into a cold sweat and start the list of excuses for not taking action.  Suck it up ladies and gentleman.  To achieve real change, you may have to make personnel changes.  As Nike says, "just do it! "- legally and ethically but do it!  So before you call a consultant, OMG, did I just say that, take a leadership immune system booster pill and get ready to fire your bozo's and hire superstars:
  • Justify your move on paper, before you take it to HR
  • Don't let inexperienced, timid or traumatised HR professionals create unnecessary road blocks.  Following the law and being humane do not translate into inaction.
  • Focus your search on finding the right person not merely the right skills.  Find the person whose attitude, ethics, approach and philosophy match your mission and values.  It is the intangibles that make the person right.
  • Build an interview strategy that is based on "behavioral questioning"and that includes interviews with colleagues and peers.  The more input the better.
  • Use one of the many personality, competency tests that will give you a deeper picture than your impressions.  Be sure that you use a test that is designed for the specific job - i.e. sales test for sales people etc.
  • Define your exit strategy.  Yes, I'm being negative but all those cop shows have taught me that the worst can happen.  How long will you give the person to prove their personality is a match?  That their skills are strong enough?  Hint:  6 months is too long!
  • Absolutely, positively document the weaknesses in reviews, letters and verbal communication.
  • Start searching for the right replacement before you fire! 
  • Reward your performers - keep them happy and clone them!
 If you find that you need assistance in building your bus or in getting the right people on it, give us a call.  Our best minds will collaborate with your best minds to plan, build, and sustain a strategy for your success!
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Recommended Resources:
"How to Choose the Right Person for the Right Job"
by Davila & Kursmark
"The Talent Edge"
by David Cohen
"Behavior - Based Interviewing"
by Terry Fitzwater

Words of Wisdom
"You give me the right people and I dont'care what organization you give me.  Good things will happen.  Give me the wrong people and it doesn't matter what you do with the organization.  Bad things will happen"
Colin Powell

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