Catalytic Management Consulting
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Sales Performance Challenges and Results

Challenge + Catalytic Management Result
Declining revenues and low sales productivity Unbiased analysis of past and current performance, competition, positioning and sales people Revenue moves in the right direction: up!
Flat year-to-year sales per customer Examine customer value and product mix, review sales person / customer relationship and account management skills and identify customer’s real problems and needs New revenue opportunities with existing customers
Inexperienced management team Individual & team skills assessment, customized training and executive coaching Effective leadership and strategy execution delivering improved performance company wide
New competition Research competitor positioning, address sales skills gaps and shift customer focus as needed Continued growth despite competitive pressures
High dependence on too few customers Assess impact of sales compensation on business drivers, create model customer acquisition plan, and build business expansion strategy for other customers Broader customer base, increased revenues
Dissatisfied major customers Comprehensive situation investigation and remedial plan Improved customer satisfaction and service
Dropping market share and growth rates below industry levels Pinpoint precise causes (competition, internal barriers, skills gaps, customer changes) and implement action plan Market share stabilized and improved, growth rates on track
Conflict between sales and other business functions Collaborate with management team to ascertain causes and conditions, identify conflicts and barriers, integrate customer needs, and build a resolution strategy Removal of impediments to business and increased productivity

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