Catalytic Management Consulting
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Selling Philosophy

You should know how we approach selling before you hire us! Great consulting and training partnerships are all about synergy and complimentary cultures. We believe, plain and simple: if it’s not good for the customer, it’s not good for selling! Manipulating the customer into buying is counter culture at Catalytic Management. We never suggest closing techniques that begin with: “So, what would it take for you to buy today?” or “So if I can show you a tool that will decrease your production time, would you buy it today?”

What you will hear is: “Would providing off site data storage in addition to custom development, alleviate your concern about data integrity and security?” “Have you analyzed the impact on your organization?” “How concerned are you about your team’s ability to….?” We are passionate about our belief that the key to long term financial strength is building long term customer relationships. We believe that focusing on how you can make a difference at your prospect’s organization is critical to selling. We also believe that you should focus on “creating value” with your customer and not just “communicating value” to your customer. If you’re looking for “sell it today” techniques or one off product selling, we’re not the right partner. We believe you need “customers for life”!