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Introducing Shelley Hall

Shelley Hall

Dynamic Speaker, Entrepreneur & Author

Shelley has delivered exciting, content rich presentations to groups ranging in size from 20 to over 500. Audiences love Shelley for her ability to deliver energetic presentations that are custom-tailored to their needs and filled with content and humor. She engages and includes the audience to facilitate learning and to stimulate lively discussions.

Shelley Hall is an experienced Entrepreneur, CEO, and COO who has built, reinvented and turned around companies and divisions. She has taken her sales talent, coupled it with strong analytical and strategic skills to deliver revenue growth and exceed margin goals. As President of Catalytic Management and a business consultant with over 25 years of experience, Shelley works with clients to enhance their profitability by delivering customer focused solutions for increasing revenue and improving operational efficiencies. Catalytic Management’s core business consulting is focused on Sales Performance, Operational Excellence, Service Quality and Change Management. Ms. Hall has written articles for Indus Business Journal, Women’s Business Journal and the Handbook of Business Strategy.

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