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Presentation & Seminar Topics

As a speaker, Shelley addresses the critical business challenges facing business owners and senior managers. Organizations and associations engage Shelley to deliver customized presentations to meet the needs and interests of their respective audiences. Audiences include business organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, industry specific associations such as the Northeast Retail Lumber Association or the New England Society of Association Executives.

Shelley is also a frequent speaker at conferences as diverse as the Computer Services Inc. conference for community banks, the National Systems Contractors Association, or the International Paralegal Management. The following list of presentation topics is meant as an introduction to the wide variety of topics that can be tailored to the respective attendees.

Presentation Topic Examples:

  • Finding the Right Decision Makers in Complex Sales
  • Skillful Account Management Drives Deeper Relationships, Customer Loyalty and Increased Revenue
  • Advancing Your Ideas. The Art of Gaining Agreement
  • 10 Practices of Successful Customer Retention
  • No I Don’t Want To. You Can’t Make Me Change!
  • Embracing the Changing Sales Culture in Community Banks
  • Improving Your Bottom Line Through Superior Customer Service
  • He Said – She Said! The Customer Service Dilemma

Seminars are generally longer than the typical one-hour presentation and are naturally customized to the sponsoring organization’s goals and industry.