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Our clients understandably wish to remain anonymous. The quotes below are actual statements from our clients, either given directly to us or to marketing specialists we hire to periodically contact clients for an assessment of our work.

Catalytic Management makes it easy to figure out what is working well, what is not and what we need to change. They make it less stressful.

Shelley's business knowledge is a real strength. She knows how to put sales in the context of the entire business.

The training was a real eye opener. We thought we'd been doing a pretty good job with service but we learned we had a long way to go. Thanks for the tools and guidance to get it right the first time.

I found this course to be one of the best I have taken. Learned a great deal and I was not bored for a moment. Kept our interest for the entire day.

Shelley creates a dialog where it is OK to agree or disagree and then figure out what is best. We are able to tell her when we agree with the recommendations or ideas and when we don't. It is not a battle of wills, it is collaboration.

The expertise of the facilitator was the best part of the course. Shelley is clearly skilled in all aspects of sales. Appreciated the multiple learning opportunities: audiovisual, working dyads, small group brainstorming, they all helped to keep the class interesting and relevant.

Thanks for delivering such an inspiring presentation to our staff. I heard nothing but praise. Thank you so much for being such an inspirational trainer/leader at our retreat.

We don't have a lot of consultants come into the bank. We brought Catalytic Management in to help us transition into more of a sales culture without losing our customer service focus. I believe they have been very successful.

Shelley is a non-threatening influence and therefore the staff feels very comfortable working with her.

She has shifted how people think about the business and their job. Their whole thought process is different.

Shelley can take a process and lay it out in such a thoughtful sequential, logical manner that people get it. She has great instincts and is excellent at seeing the problems

We called Catalytic Management in to help us create a culture of customer service and there is no question that we have seen changes as a result of their work. Within 3 or 4 months I saw improvement in the management team who we worked with first. It was not long after that we saw the results throughout the organization. Catalytic Management has the perfect process for creating customer service programs that have a huge impact.

I brought Catalytic Management in when I was thinking about our next stage of growth. Their work helped me uncover opportunities I had not even seen before and really helped the business get to the next level.

They very quickly immersed themselves in the business. We very quickly felt they weren't consultants but were truly one of us tring to solve a problem.

The NY team specifically contrasted this with the experience they had with another trainer about a year ago and the difference was night and day. Great work!

I wanted to confirm that you have added tangible value to our service effort … due to the process you led us through and the planning work ahead of the conference. Truly great to work with someone who knows their craft and takes pride in doing things right.

Everything was well executed and very valuable. Surprised at how much Jeb knew about our company and how well he related it to us.

Catalytic Management has been the perfect fit for our traditional Community Bank. Catalytic Management's ability and skill in tailoring the program to our Bank's needs and their understanding of the challenges of our present culture have successfully moved the Bank to a productive sales culture. Our Branch Managers are very excited and management is seeing amazing results. It's wonderful to see the individual growth and enthusiasm in our Managers as they strive to achieve sales objectives.

So useful. Thank you so much. You gave me a lot of content, sales tools and tips to work with. Hope you're invited back for future training.