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Free Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessments are the windows through which management can see what is really happening or not happening in their organizations. Assessments are tangible and unbiased ways to perform reality checks. Is the organization moving in the direction you want? Does the organization know the desired direction? Does everyone clearly understand what actions to take to reach individual and organizational goals?

Through formal assessment strategies, Catalytic Management works with management to identify and determine tangible opportunities for improvement. We consult with management to identify specific opportunities to:

  • Improve revenue and margins
  • Improve operational efficiency in marketing, sales and across departments
  • Improve customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Enhance customer relationships and improve customer interactions

What direction is your company moving in?
Do you have the best map?
Does everyone in the company have the same map?

Download the free organizational assessment and determine where your organization needs improvement and where you are doing well.