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Business Process Improvement Training

You’ve jumped off the cliff of process improvement, but you need the parachute to insure a soft landing. Catalytic Management’s training is the solution. In addition to our process improvement consulting, we offer you training that will help your team identify what’s broken, determine the fix, implement the fix, and insure that everyone works for the new process—no going back to old ways. We’ll introduce methods and techniques that are manageable and cost efficient, without the need for a Black Belt.

Business Process Improvement Training Topics

  • Determining What’s Broken
  • Process Improvement for the Timid, the Overworked and the Jaded
  • Identifying the “Critical to Customer” Value

Because your processes are unique, our Business Process Improvement training and consulting are highly customized. The course topics above are examples of what would be created especially to meet your culture and change needs.

Make it easy for your customers to buy from you and make it easy for your employees to serve your customers—improve how you do business! View a more detailed list of seminar and speaking topics, or contact us to discuss how Catalytic Management can help boost profits and drive performance.