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Customer Service Training

Customers expect—no they demand—great service, so every company promises great service! They promise on their web sites, in their marketing material, and in their sales presentations, but such claims are no longer believed. Why? Because so few companies keep their service promise.

Keeping your promise of great service requires a service strategy, service standards, accountability, continuous improvement and training. Our customer service training builds staff commitment, teaches service delivery and service recovery skills, and introduces the tools your staff will need to be consistent every day, every time!

Service Quality Training Topics

  • The Blueprint for a Service Excellence Strategy
  • Defining and Achieving Service Excellence
  • Defining, Building and Implementing Superior Service Recovery
  • Delivering on Your Service Promises
  • Tools for Improving Your Service Processes
  • Service Standards Drive Accountability


Need a topic or focus not listed here? View a more detailed list of seminar and speaking topics, or contact us to discuss how Catalytic Management can help with your training needs. Improved customer relationships improve the botttom line!