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Sales Training

Effective sales training is a journey not an event! For lasting behavioral change to take place, training should be on-going, and skills should be reinforced and rewarded.

We have also learned over the years that the degree of success in a sales training program is directly related to the degree to which it is customized for the industry, company culture, and specific sales and growth strategies of the organization. Learn more about how to choose sales training that fits your needs.

Catalytic Management’s education methodology involves three phases:

Employee / Team Skills Assessment:
Prior to training we believe it is critical to meet with potential students and managers to assess their needs, concerns and challenges. This up front work forms the basis for the content customization and serves another very important function: it builds trust between the students and the instructor which leads to a more successful training experience. When appropriate, we will also suggest formal testing to determine the selling skills gap and appropriateness for the role.

Content Customization
While certain sales skills are transferable to any industry or sales approach, only training that is customized to the customer’s industry and goals will be truly effective. Catalytic Management customizes content, exercises, and sales approaches to meet the client’s needs.

Continuous Focus
One-time training interventions, regardless of the quality, will not deliver lasting results. Just as training alone is not likely to be the answer to declining revenue or minimal growth, training must be followed with continued focus on practicing and mastering the skills presented. To insure continued focus, Catalytic Management delivers an 8 week email coaching program after sales training. This program reinforces the skills presented in training, introduces new sales tips and encourages students to implement what they have learned. This unique value added program is free and is included with all sales training delivered by Catalytic Management. When appropriate, we also offer individual sales coaching.

Sales Training Topics

Catalytic Management’s sales training is customized and energizing. Skills are reinforced with activities, games and role playing. Our trainers are all experienced sales professionals who have been there and been successful. Learn more about our sales training topics and training delivery options.

Our Sales Philosophy

Great consulting starts with clear understanding. Learn more about how we sell and how we consult and teach sales.

All of our sales training programs are customized to your needs. Contact us to discuss how Catalytic Management can help increase your top and bottom line.